NVR and PFS in Child Protection – Peter Jakob

Peter Jakob

Digital Natives: NVR, Internet Use and Overuse

Iris Shachar-Lavie

Implementing NVR with a mindset and tools

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New Authority: NVR for Schools and Institutions

Idan Amiel

NVR Treatment for School Refusal

Irit Schorr Sapir, NVR School

NVR: Wat weten reeds en wat moeten we nog weten?

Dr. Johan Vanderfaeille, VUB

The anchoring function of the professional


Violent Children can be children in need

Dr. Peter Jakob

Dialoog & Ethik in Geweldloos Verzet en NA

Jan Hoet & Leen Hermkens

Non-Violence and Families in Distress

Dr. Peter Jakob

NA within the culture and expertise of an organization

Paul Meganck

New Trends in Non-Violent Resistance

Lorentzhuis, Opvang & BIGV