MISW Germany

The Münchner Institut für systemische Weiterbildung (misw) was founded in 2005 by Tobias von der Recke. We offer diverse and broad services in our institute. These range from further education in systemic counseling, systemic family therapy, systemic coaching, supervision and organizational development to counseling and therapy of individuals, families and teams. Furthermore, we offer coaching of specialists and executive staff and supervision internally at your location or open supervision groups in our institute. Our offer is supplemented by a wide range of seminars.

We have been working with Prof Haim Omer and his Non-violent resistance (NVR) and New Authority (NA) concept for several years and integrate NVR and NA in our work. We organize training seminars and conferences in context of these topics. In our practical work we use the concept of NVR and NA in schools, outreach family therapies and youth welfare offices.

In addition, we are part of “Netzwerk Neue Autorität” (NENA) and work together with other groups and institutions to share our ideas and work. Members of this network: Institut für Neue Autorität (INA) in Austria, Systemisches Institut für Neue Autorität (SyNA) in Germaniy, institut für systemische impulse, entwicklung und führung gmbh (isi) in Switzerland und der Akademie Kind Jugend Familie (akjf, Austria)
One of the highlights in 2014 was the third international NVR Conference with Prof Haim Omer, Prof Arist von Schlippe and many other experts in Munich on March 20th to March 21st 2014, which was organized by our institute and its partners. The NVR Conference focussed on the following topic: Non-violent-resistance and new authority in family, school, community and society.

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The Austrian Institute of New Authority (INA)

Our Institut was found in 2011 to provide the ideas of New Authority (NA) and Non Violent Resistance (NVR) in Austria.
We offer our services not only for parents, but also for schools, social institutions, communities and companies. We are very happy, that there is such a huge interest.

Our services are:

  • Coaching for parents, teachers and managers
  • Supervision and intervision
  • Trainings, Workshops & lectures
  • Projekts in Communities

We also founded the Network New Authority (NENA) with our partners IKJF (Graz), MISW (Munich) SYNA (Bramsche, Germany) and ISI (Switzerland) to create a supportive network within the professional group. In addition we are proud to be part of the International Network of NVR–Psychology.

New Authority Network International (NANI/IDAN)

N.A.N.I. (New Authority Network International) is an online learning and networking community dedicated to supporting practitioners working within the field of NVR & New Authority. The N.A.N.I. website was first announced on January 2011 at Brussels in an NVR conference organized by Dr. Frank Van Holen with Idan Amiel. N.A.N.I. gained the support of NVR practitioners all over Europe and the NVR charter is published on the front page. N.A.N.I. serve now mainly as a platform to allow each individual – parent, educator or professional to obtain knowledge about the NVR concept and encourage activists to join discussion groups and publish papers, articles, case studies etc. regarding NVR and the New Authority.

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Instituut voor systeemtherapie, opleiding en consultatie
van Eedenstraat 16
2012 EM Haarlem

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Partnerships Projects UK

PartnershipProjects is a training consultancy which specialises in systemic work with difficulties in families and communities that stem from violence, abuse and harmful behaviour. We provide training, consultancy and supervision in Non Violent Resistance (NVR), and approach developed by Haim Omer and his team at the University of Tel Aviv for responding effectively to controlling and destructive behaviour in children and young people. In addition to the NVR core model, we train professionals in the use of trauma-focussed ways of working with NVR, working with the wider system around the family, and in child-focussed NVR reconciliation work, which is especially helpful for children who are looked after in care or other young people who have experienced attachment difficulties and developmental trauma. All professionals working for PartnershipProjects are clinical psychologists, family therapists and behaviour specialists who have many years of extensive experience in using NVR in some of the most challenging and complex clinical situations. PartnershipProjects also offers a wide array of workshops with leading professionals, on topics such as anxious avoidance, working with New Authority in schools, and working with learning disabilities and neuro-developmental problems.

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Tel-Aviv Center for NVR Psychology

The Tel Aviv Center for NVR Psychology is dedicated to teaching, supervising, and promoting non-violent resistance interventions to mental health professionals worldwide. The center is an international extension of the Israel-based Center for Parent Empowerment (Merkaz Le’haazama Horit”), a private clinic specializing in NVR-oriented family therapy interventions, supervision, training, and research. The center applies the entire spectrum of NVR applications with a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary contexts such as systemic family therapy, psychiatry, social work, rehabilitation, and clinical psychology. The center was initially founded by Prof. Haim Omer and Dan Dolberger in 2010. In 2014, Prof. Omer moved from full membership to an advisory position

Our main interests include:

  • Focus on NVR
  • Developing new NVR applications, with special emphasis on Adult Entitled
  • Dependence
  • Interest in understanding and developing NVR-oriented family therapy
  • Interest in NVR team development worldwide
  • Multidisciplinary contexts of NVR
  • Interest in the family as a political unit
  • Serving the worldwide NVR community